If you haven’t heard about the major changes Facebook is going through, you will be excited to find out that Facebook’s Marketplace, which is an online sales platform, is going through major upgradation to improve its reach and relevance. This major change will allow Facebook’s business users the opportunity to trade on this platform. Previously, Facebook offered no such opportunities.

Although the popular and widely used network launched Marketplace last October in the US, Facebook has spread this feature across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and Chile. According to reports from Facebook, over 18 million items were posted for sale in the US in May last year. After this success, Facebook has started to introduce Marketplace in over 17 European Countries that include Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Norway and the Czech Republic.

No plans have yet been announced to introduce it in the Asian countries (China, Pakistan, India etc.).Facebook, in its press releases, shows that this expansion will give the business users a single platform to find, buy and sell goods within their local societies via Marketplace.

In addition to this major expansion, the widely popular consumer buying and selling platform, Craigslist are also undergoing a major overhaul to include business listings, with the product and content being published in pages that are approved for a Marketplace listing.

Catering to a New Target Market – Business Users!

The major expansion undergone by Facebook are an attempt to improve the scope and content of Marketplace, to better cater to the demands of their users. You can simply assume that you will be able to see professional listings (i.e. from business representatives) alongside the daily use items listed by individual users. However, the searches will not appear as crowded as you would imagine since a variety of new categories will also form part of the Marketplace’s Classifieds section, ones that will be increasingly business-friendly.

Moreover, each category will include a set of filtering options that will allow the users to find their desired product or service in a never-ending pool of options. After a successful search, the users will then be able to send a direct message to the seller, making an offer to purchase their product or service. Facebook will not be in control or manage the transactions of the sale.

The newly introduced categories include jobs, shops and daily deals (currently tested with eBay – tickets), however, not all regions will have the categories for use. For instance, the Jobs category is only available in Canada, Mexico, and the US at present. In addition, the daily deals category is still undergoing the testing phase, accessible through eBay only.

A Short Guide to Publishing Your Products as a Business Seller Using Marketplace

It is just as easy as publishing your products on any other website. To sell products through Marketplace, you will need to draft and upload the product information and relevant content to the category named‘Shops’ within your Facebook’s Business Page. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Business Page
    1. Click Shops
    2. Select Product
  • Input Information, Video or/and Images
  1. Click Save
  1. Do this for every product you want to sell, as a business seller, using Marketplace.

After you have done this, Marketplace will publish this content on Marketplace’s Classifieds listings. In case you are already using platforms similar to Shopify, you will also need to upload the inventory to the pages before the product is pulled into Marketplace for a public listing.

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